Empowering business transparency with the tools of blockchain technology.

The private sector has the power to impact modern slavery and create industry wide changes but faces barriers. Diginex & the Mekong Club are combining forces to build technology to help tackle the lack of trust, transparency and security.

How It Works


Contract Protection

Contract copies stored on the blockchain cannot be altered or destroyed.


Data Protection

Employment contract copies that are stored on the blockchain are secured using a private personal key, offering unprecedented levels of security for the worker.


Data Auditing

eMin anonymises all data, and with permission, can perform periodical surveys to audit for any abnormalities or agreement breaches.


Data Consolidation

Useful data can be anonymised and collated, like information on migration trends, average costs for worker movement, and industry demographics.


Employer scans contract using eMin Employer application

Employee approves contract and contract terms using eMin Employee application

Contract and contract terms are stored immutably, with proof of agreement written to the Ethereum blockchain

Data Aggregation

Data from the eMin app is anonymised and collated into a data aggregation tool to give organisations a tailored and comprehensive view of their supply chain’s workforce. Data sharing is controlled through blockchain technology and permissioning:

  • Data is only viewable by people with the right permission
  • Migrant workers own their data
  • Combines with public data from reputable organisations

    Our Roadmap

    Our Progress

    eMin will be taken to the field for our first pilot in Q1 2019, collaborating with our local partners in South East Asia. The pilots are essential for improving the design, user experience and implementation of eMin. We will be launching additional pilots across Asia in Q1 2019.

    July 2018

    White Paper Released

    August 2018

    MOU signed

    August 2018

    Prototype A released

    August 2018

    Industry consultation round 1

    September 2018

    Prototype B released

    October 2018

    Industry consultation round 2

    November 2018

    Product finalisation

    January 2019

    MOU signed with Verifik8

    February 2019

    Pilot in Thailand

    Q3 2019

    Begin Stage Four

    (Beyond Compliance)

    Be a part of the impact.

    Stay informed as we empower business to fight modern slavery in supply chains.

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